Les meilleurs comptes Instagram d’artistes Franco-Ontariens

Instagram est vraiment l’endroit idéal pour les artistes de la scène musicale de la francophonie canadienne. La plateforme permet rapidement de suivre les musiciens en tournée, en studio, dans leurs passions. Catherine Archambault a débuté des listes de comptes pour vous faire découvrir quelques-uns de ces artistes sur Instagram. On débute aujourd’hui avec une liste d’artistes Franco-Ontariens.

Céleste Lévis @celestelevis
Pour ses photos, ses vidéos, ses amours, sa carrière.


Geneviève RB & Alain Barbeau @genevieve_rb_alain_barbeau
Pour des photos inspirantes remplies d’amour.


Mehdi Cayenne @mehdi_cayenne
Pour ses chroniques de Radio-Canada diffusées sur IGTV.


Mélissa Ouimet @melissaouimetmusique
Pour ses photos artistiques.


Marie-Clo @marie.clo
Pour son style de vie.


Gabrielle Goulet @gabgouletox
Pour ses photos de tournées.


Georgian Bay @georgianbayband 
Pour ses vignettes et ses « stories ».

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We spent the last week driving up north to, performing at, and driving back south from @lftrfolkfest … so about 30 hrs to Red Rock & back. Highlight reel: we hit a black bear coming home but we’re ok & car’s ok not sure about the bear, we witnessed/lived through a HUGE Lake Superior storm, we partied under the Perseid meteor shower {post storm}, we performed 14 hrs over 3 days, we camped out twice in @lakesuperiorpp , we made sooo many nü friends, & Joëlle saw a bald eagle! We are both so full of gratitude for the generosity of our fellow artists, the warmth & open kindness of the volunteers/organizers, & the INSANELY beautiful nature this festival offers. 💔💯 Ontario has the BEST festivals, friends! Special thanks to our sister @ra.hawk for driving up with us & use of her vehicle. We feel SO super loved! Hope we can pass it ON! 😍

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Marc-Antoine Joly @marcantoinejoly
Pour ses photos qui font réfléchir.


Damien Robitaille @damienrobitaille
Pour ses chansons sur les villes.


Joëlle Villeneuve @joellevilleneuve_
Pour sa créativité dans ses photos et ses « stories ».

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here’s a rare selfie to distract you from this long post. salut, moi c’est Joëlle. voici ma face. @jovaell pour la présence d’une artiste visuelle multi-media 100%. @joellevilleneuve_ pour la présence d’une personne qui aime la vie, la musique et l’art. ______________________________________________ Lately, I’ve been struggling with instagram. More and more my presence on this platform has become less of a personal one, and more of massive pile of film photos, good and bad. First, this means that I’m passing up on sharing so many moments that I love, simply because the photos are not “artistic enough” or on 35mm film. Hey. iPhone cameras are great. Why do I feel like I should be passing that opportunity up. Secondly, I’m no longer posting photos because they’re works I am intensively proud of. I’m posting photos because I have them. And I’m no longer taking photos for myself, or to push myself as an artist. I’m taking photos so that I can show that I have content. (bad bad bad bad) Third, photography is fun. I love it. But I also do so many other things. Like music. And I want to feel like I have a space in which I can share and promote that. I don’t want to feel like I’ve created a space in which I feel trapped in a certain persona or theme. I don’t want any art that I make to be content driven. I want to feel like this feed is an extension and a representation of me. I am a photographer, I am a painter, I am a music lover, i am an artist, but sometimes I’m also a person who just wants to post good iPhone photos of the lovely days I’m spending. And if that means selfies with friends or food photos, so be it. So. From now, I’ll be posting all the visual works I’m proud of, no matter the medium at @jovaell. and @joellevilleneuve_ will be seeing everything else. This is me continuously trying to be real and push my art as much as I can. (I know I’m indecisive. I know I had a second account in the past.Things might change. Being a multi-media artist and knowing one’s presence is hard. Go easy on me)

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Yao @yaomusique
Pour ses photos en noir et blanc.

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